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Based on the Core 4 System Empowerment Model, the Life Empowerment Program offers practical insights to help you maximize your potential every single day.

As you learn from Dr. Trimm and her team, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your unique identity, develop skills to thrive professionally, increase your influence and earning power, and discover how to make a lasting difference in your community.

The Core 4 Empowerment Model is comprised of what we call the “Four Pillars of Empowerment.” These building blocks of empowerment begin with Self-Knowledge, through which you develop Success Skills, so you can build greater capacity for Significance, which empowers you to become a “Servant Leader” who influences the world for good.

Whether you are a leader in business, government, ministry, or on the domestic front, the Life Empowerment Program will empower you to live with greater peace, influence, and success.